MBASC and ODP Business Solutions 

The Michigan Bankers Association Service Corporation has partnered with ODP Business Solutions to provide association members significant discounts on a wide range of office and banking supplies, furniture, cleaning supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), and copy/print solutions. ODP Business Solutions is more than just a supplier for MBA members. They also provide value-added services and solutions to help reduce costs and improve efficient product selection. 

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Supplier Diversity and Local State of Michigan

ODP Business Solutions has placed a focus on Supplier Diversity through the development of a filter driving customers to products manufactured from diverse companies. ODP Business Solutions is proud to offer Supplier Diverse companies such as Stride-who’s corporate mission is to:

  • Employ a diverse workforce of adults with special needs;
  • Focusing on sustainable, earth-friendly products;
  • Offer office products manufactured by other women-owned & minority-owned businesses.


ODP Business Solutions places focus on the State of Michigan’s local economy (2019 data)-

  • ODP Business Solutions employed 669 Michigan workers throughout the state.
  • ODP Business Solutions donated over $50,000 to Michigan Schools
  • ODP Business Solutions paid $4.7M in taxes to the State of Michigan

Program Highlights:

  • Select from 1,300 discounted items that are frequently used by the banking industry — as well as office products, cleaning supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), furniture and print solutions
  • Customize a list of up to 75 additional items from a select group of office supplies to help meet your specific objectives
  • Buy online and pick up in-store in one hour
  • Leverage cost-saving tools, convenient reporting and bill management through our world-class e-commerce platform 
  • Help drive savings and compliance with quarterly business reviews from ODP Business Solutions’s highly trained sales team
  • Enjoy fast and free delivery on qualifying orders of $50 or more, within our local delivery areas

ODP Business Solutions Offers:
15 off $100
25 off $175
35 off $250

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