Representative Curtis (Curt) VanderWall Receives Michigan Bankers Association’s 
Economic Impact Award

The Michigan Bankers Association (MBA) announces Representative Curt VanderWall as the distinguished recipient of the 2023 Economic Impact Award (EIA). The prestigious Economic Impact Award recognizes public officials for their unwavering leadership in shaping public policies that foster and invigorate a robust Michigan economy.

Rann Paynter, President and CEO of the Michigan Bankers Association, lauded Representative VanderWall's steadfast commitment to formulating responsible public policies, stating, "The MBA celebrates Representative Curt VanderWall for his enduring dedication to the creation of responsible public policy that uplifts our great state."

"Banking is the backbone of our financial system and we have seen the need for stable economic policy in the last few years,” stated Representative VanderWall. “It's crucial that we continue to partner with our small and medium-sized banks to empower Michigan and its people for years to come.”

Representative Curt VanderWall embarked on his political journey when he was first elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in November 2016, representing the 101st District. His resolute dedication to public service and his constituents led him to the State Senate, where he represented a sprawling 35th District encompassing 12 counties across Northern Michigan. With redistricting, VanderWall returned to the House and now represents the 102nd State House district.

VanderWall's deep-rooted connection to banking and economic development is evident through his involvement on the Mason County Growth Alliance Board, the Northern Michigan Counties Association, and the Mason County Housing Board. Notably, he served on the board of Old Kent Bank, further demonstrating his commitment to financial institutions and economic growth.

Throughout his tenure in the legislature, Representative VanderWall has cultivated strong relationships with bankers, both through his roles as a small business owner and as a board member. His active engagement with prominent figures in the banking industry underscores his dedication to collaboration and partnership with subject matter experts. This approach ensures the formulation of responsible policies that contribute to a prosperous economy.

His efforts at the grassroots level have played a pivotal role in forging valuable connections within the agricultural sector. Furthermore, Representative VanderWall has been a consistent advocate for financial literacy, championing MBA-backed legislation that mandates personal finance education in high schools. His dedication to equipping the next generation with essential financial knowledge underscores his commitment to long-term economic prosperity.

The Michigan Bankers Association commends Representative Curt VanderWall for his exceptional contributions to the state's economic well-being and proudly presents him with the 2023 Economic Impact Award. His tireless efforts and visionary leadership have set an exemplary standard for public officials across Michigan.

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