Redistricting Commission Finishes Map Adoption

The Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission adopted the Hickory state House plan, with a wide majority of commissioners voting in favor.
A constitutional majority of two Democrats, two Republicans and two unaffiliated members were needed to formally adopt a map plan which the commission achieved. The vote on the House map was the final one taken as the commission also adopted a U.S. House plan and a state Senate plan.

Since adoption of the maps in December of 2021 there have been a handful of lawsuits challenging whether they met various constitutional and statutory requirements. The Supreme Court has ruled against the plaintiff’s in every case adjudicated so far. It appears clear that the maps are set and will not change before November’s election.

All maps for the November 2022 elections are now set. See each map below:
U.S. House: 
Access the map.
State House: 
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State Senate:
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