Holding a grassroots meeting at your bank with a state or federal legislator is one of the most effective forms of Advocacy. When banks provide an opportunity for legislators to come to their office or bank and hear personal stories from constituents about how the current regulatory and legislative environment effects them, legislators listen! But what is the best way to execute such a meeting?

Your MBA Advocacy team has compiled informational one-pagers about the current state of several issues critical to the industry. In addition, you will find below a list of helpful tips to make your grassroots meeting most effective!

For questions, contact Alex Morris, Assistant Vice President, Advocacy, amorris@michigan.bank.

Who Do You Know? 

Please visit the link below and fill out the survey to assist us in planning in-district meetings with your representatives. It will take no more than 5 minutes, and will provide us with invaluable information to connect our members to policymakers they know!
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10 Commandments of Grassroots Lobbying           


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