Our conference theme: “Lead with Connection” reminds us leaders come in all shapes and sizes, with different approaches and values that work for us. We have one commonality as leaders, we are all in the “People” business. Be sure to check out the presentations below. They covered three vital areas of business – People, Performance, and Profits.  I challenge you, as a leader, to find new ways of thinking and leading. So, let’s go into 2020, by Leading with Connection.

Politics and the Economy: Going into 2020
It’s Time for a LeaderShift
Rapid Fire Session
Developing the Universal Banker Model. What Future Banking Looks Like and How to Get There
FinTech Friend or Foe? Why Fintech and Banks Need Each Other
Lead with Connection – Develop from Within to Sustain and Scale
Advocacy Update and Issues Panel
How Properly Targeted M&A Can Be a Powerful Solution to the Looming Deposit Dilemma
2020 Banking Regulatory Outlook
All Things Hemp

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